Founded in 2013 by creative director Oliver Tilsley, FLYNN began as a handbag and small leather goods brand with an architectural approach to design and a focus on unique silhouettes and details.

The brand quickly developed an international following as a go-to for customers versed in craftsmanship and quality. We found a home at some of the world’s best retailers – Tomorrowland, Harvey Nichols, Barneys New York, to name a few.

FLYNN has never been interested in chasing trends – only timelessness. It is dedicated to thoughtful design and execution, working with expert craftsmen and manufacturing partners who share our vision and passion for creating quality products.

As time has passed, FLYNN has evolved. The traditional wholesale model – and the ever-shorter seasons that have come to define the annual fashion calendar – is no longer the right fit for a brand devoted to quality and longevity, and which deeply values a considered and unhurried design process. We have decided to slow down, breath and reimagine FLYNN for a new era.

Over a bowl of Cacio e Pepe in Italy, we made the decision to set FLYNN on this new path. One that departs from seasonal collections and puts the spotlight back on product and fabrication. Designs are engineered towards seasonless silhouettes – the kinds of pieces easily worn Monday through Sunday. And while the product offering remains elevated, the price point is not.

We have partnered with one of our much-loved Italian suppliers, Limonta, to bring this new product to life. Limonta was founded in Italy in 1893, just outside Lake Como, and is steeped in tradition and heritage. For almost 130 years it has developed and pursued excellence to become one of the go-to manufacturers in the Italian textile sector, working with luxury houses including Prada and Hermes.

While our approach has changed, our design ethos and commitment to quality, craftmanship and functionality has not. All FLYNN products are designed in Australia and made in Italy by the finest manufacturing partners. Each piece is thoughtfully executed in small, considered runs – rather than en masse – so that the product feels unique and handmade.

All FLYNN products are now available exclusively through our website, and each design comes flat packed – so you can store it with ease whether you’re at home, or on vacation.